Rental Policies


  1. USER RESPONSIBILITY: The undersigned Applicant(s) represent(s) they are submitting this application on behalf of an individual or an organization and are authorized to do so.  The Applicant agrees to be responsible for use and care of the GCC property. Applicant agrees that the planned lawful activity will conform to that which is stated in this application.
  2. SECURITY AND RESERVATION DEPOSITS: Along with the Reservation Deposit of 50% of the afore-stated rental amount, a $400 refundable Security/Damage/Cleaning Deposit must accompany this Rental Application and Agreement.  A pre- and post-use Inspection process (Page 3 hereof) shall be used to determine costs, if any, to bring the property into its pre-use condition. Such costs shall be retained from the Deposits and balance returned to applicant within two weeks of the post-use Inspection.
  3. CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE: Applicant shall provide a Certificate of Insurance naming “Graton Community Club” as additional insured for a sum of no less than $1,000,000 (One Million Dollars), to be received by GCC no later than 30 days prior to the Event.
  4. INDEMNIFICATION: (a) Applicant agrees to indemnify and hold harmless GCC and it respective officers/agents/employees against all loss, damage and/or liability that may be sustained or incurred. Further, applicant will indemnify and hold the same harmless against all claims, demands, lawsuits or other legal actions that may be brought arising out of, or connected to the use by, the undersigned of GCC property. Excepted are such claims or actions that may arise by reason of the sole negligence by GCC.  (b) This structure is an historical building and Applicant is hereby advised that in the case of an earthquake, this structure has not been earthquake retrofitted.  (c)  Applicant is aware of the risks associated with COVID-10 (Sars-2) and assumes all responsibility for precautions and health department protocols therewith.  GCC makes no warranty of safety from exposure to transmissible diseases in this facility.
  5. CANCELLATION POLICY: Notification of Event cancellation must be submitted in writing to the agent/address listed below. A full refund, less a $25 processing fee deducted from the Reservation Deposit, will be provided if cancelled 30 days prior.  The 50% Reservation Deposit will be retained if cancellation is less than 30 days prior to the Event.  The Security/Damage/Cleaning Deposit will be refunded with any cancellation prior to the Event date.
  6. MONTH-TO-MONTH RENTALS: Rents for ongoing activities are due monthly on the first of each month. If not received by the 5th of the month, rents will incur a late fee of 10% of the rental amount owed.  Notice to terminate is normally 30 days (both parties).


  1. This is a NO-SMOKING facility. Please contain and dispose of all outdoor cigarette butts.
  2. Absolutely NO GLITTER, CONFETTI, CANDLES or LIQUID BUBBLES are allowed anywhere in the building.
  3. To respect the neighbors, please terminate all amplified noise (music) at 10 pm on weekdays or weekends.
  4. THE TWO INTERIOR DOORS LEADING TO THE DINING ROOM MUST NOT BE BLOCKED AT ANY TIME as these are FIRE SAFETY EXITS, so designated by the Fire Marshall. There is no public egress to the garden patio from the Dining Room.
  5. Following your Event, please make sure the BUILDING IS SECURE with LIGHTS OFF and all DOORS and WINDOWS LOCKED. Contact the Site Manager if you wish to be present at the Post-Use Inspection and to return keys.
  6. The heater is on a controlled timer; please contact the Site Manager for adjustments to building temperature (and/or heater noise). No air cooling is provided but you are welcome to bring in floor fans (the space can be very warm in summer, mid to late day).
  7. GCC adheres to a zero waste policy. ALL TRASH PRODUCED BY YOU IS TO BE REMOVED FROM THE PREMISES AT THE CLOSE OF YOUR EVENT (including recyclables and compost materials).
  8. Kitchen Appliances: The stove is fully operational and available for use, as is the refrigerator.
  9. Electrical Service: All outlets in the Kitchen, Dining Room and Main Room are fully grounded, however we recommend minimal use as circuits are limited.  This building has 90 amps of power in three dedicated, grounded outlets in the northwest corner of the Back Room which is available for PA’s, theatrical lighting and other higher amp equipment (extension cable not provided).  Be sure your equipment does not overload any circuit.
  10. Stage Access: The stage may be easily accessed from the existing front stage staircase.  If you desire access from the Back Room, please contact the Site Manager for installation instructions for the additional metal staircase.  You will need to remove the metal staircase at the end of your Event.  DO NOT MOVE THE PIANO as it is very heavy.  Consult site manager.
  11. In the event of a Club-related emergency where use of the Clubhouse is necessary, this Agreement will be modified and/or cancelled with Deposits returned. In this situation, GCC assumes no liability for any loss of expenses incurred by Applicant.

Rules subject to modification at any time.  Consult your signed Rental Application and Agreement.